The best advantage of becoming a PrintScan partner doesn't stop at our first-class enrollment application. The website's applicant management system is a very powerful and feature rich environment that enables you to control your enrollments.

Import Applicant

Client Management

We allow for the management of each of your clients.

Client Administrators can

  • Assign and grant user access
  • Maintain contacts
  • Billing contacts.
  • Credit Card information
Client Management

EFTS Editing

People change, and their EFTS data needs to change with them. Instead of requiring someone to come in and get their fingerprints taken again, you can edit the demographic and physical information right from the website.
EFTS Editing

Fingerprint Archiving

Once you've imported your fingerprints to our server, you can then maintain and support your current applicants for years. This is a vital revenue stream where you can hold onto their fingerprint images and then charge for each access of the file.

EFTS Transformation

We have added transformation code to convert similar typed EFTS records into alternative transaction types. For example, we can convert Departmental Orders into valid FINRA records with just a few additional pieces of information. This can help you reduce your enrollment times with the customer by only capturing the fingerprints once, while still being able to submit to multiple agencies.

Online Fingerprint Viewing

You can view your applicant's fingerprint images right from the website. This allows you to check to see if fingers are missing and validate the quality of the capture.

Online Viewing of Fingerprints


To speed up the enrollment process, applicants can pre-enroll on our website. This has the additional benefit of reducing the typographical errors when creating their records. At the enrollment stations, these records can then be imported via barcode.

Restful Services

To show that our website can be used as a service, we allowed for one of our customers to import records directly to our website with RESTful service support. They can post an EFTS file directly to our server, which then validates and returns any warnings/errors generated by our EFTS validation engine. If approved, then the record is stored in our database and sent immediately to Inquiries for Departmental Order channeling. This allows our customers to utilize us as a Store and Forward for CJIS records.

Card Printing

We have a card printing service that allows you to request a FBI compliant generation of a fingerprint card and we will ship it directly to your customer. Just click on 'Print Card' for the desired applicant and we'll print and mail your card that same day! We also have priority and overnight mail service available!

Apostille Service

Along with our card printing service, we also now provide apostille services. Just have your applicant send us their FBI report on tamper-proof paper and we'll get it apostilled for you. It saves your customers time and money to have an agent do it for them.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Servers

We host our website in Microsoft Azure's App Services to ensure a high level of security. The SQL Database server is encrypted and can only be accessed thru a firewall to prohibit unauthorized access.

Appointment Scheduling

We will have a fully integrated scheduling system that you can utilize to help you manage your customers better. Add appointments, schedule times and have multiple locations available all on an integrated system.


As applicants accumulate services, the charges are automatically stored per applicant. These charges can then be accumulated and billed to the client.
List of Charges


A complete invoicing system is available to help you with your monthly invoicing problems. We collect charges per applicant on a per-use fee and can charge your applicants or clients directly.

Billing Information

We can collect billing information for each client. This allows us to generate and email custom designed invoices directly to your customers.
Client Billing Information


We collect credit card information for our clients, and store them offline using Authorize.Net's credit provider service. This guarantees that no card information is stored on our database, but still gives us the ability to bill the card for their monthly services.

Enrollment Station Management

Each of the enrollment stations are maintained at the website level. Here we can make adjustments to the security, themes and settings of the enrollment app that are read as each user logs into the enrollment application. We can also monitor the health and connectivity of each station by a periodic update of version number and last date used.
Enrollment Station Management

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