Background Checks For Immigrations

PrintScan offers FBI background checks to both immigrants and emigrants outside the United States

Receiving A Background Check For Immigration Purposes


Immigration background checks are done by the USCIS and require you to be fingerprinted in order to obtain your record. Background checks for immigration are handled solely by the United States government.

However, you can obtain a personal FBI background check to review for both you or your immigration attorney. Many immigrants choose this option as it ensures a immigration process without any hidden surprises.

PrintScan also offers FBI background checks for reasons related to immigration.

  • U.S Citizens living outside the country
  • United States emigrants background checks
  • Student VISA applications
  • Foreign travel
  • Personal review
FBI Background check NYC

FBI Background Checks For Immigrations

Make sure to receive a certified FBI background check for your own personal review. This certified FBI report will ensure both to you and your immigration attorney that you are cleared and free of any crimes within the United States FBI database.

Other Types Of Immigration Background Checks

Student Visa's

Get an approved FBI background check for student or work visa's.


Traveling to certain countries requires a Visa application and a recent background check.


Do you know what is on your record? Make sure that incorrect data is not hurting your chances for a job or promotion.

How To Get Your Immigration Background Check


Find A Location

Search for a location near you using our zip code finder map.

Make An Appointment

Make an appointment and pre enroll using our step by step process.

Confirm Via Email

Receive an email from PrintScan confirming your appointment details.

Immigration Background Check Locations


Searching for immigration background check services near you? PrintScan offers locations across the United States to conduct immigration background checks. Use the map below to find the most convenient location for you.

Background Check Locations by Zip Code

      Frequently Asked Questions


      We know you have questions, we can answer them!

      Q. How much does an FBI background check cost?

      An FBI background check that by passes the normal FBI 3-4 month waiting period starts at $90.

      Q. How long does an FBI background check appointment take?

      PrintScan's fingerprinting sessions for FBI background checks average at 20 minutes.

      Q. Can I get a green card with a criminal record?

      In some instances an applicant who has been convicted of a low level crime may be eligible to obtain a green card still. It's best to order an FBI background check for personal review to see what crime is currently on your record.

      Q. What payment do you accept?

      We accept cash, or any major credit card. (Visa/Mastercard/Discovery/American Express)

      Q. What is included in a background check?

      Background checks are typically used to investigate a candidate’s background based on criteria determined by their prospective or current employer. This may include employment, education, criminal records, credit history, motor vehicle and license record checks.

      Q. How long does it take to get a fingerprint background check?

      The average time for a fingerprinting background check it 30 minutes. Results are typically available within 24-48 hours.

      Q.How much does an FBI background check cost?

      An FBi background check costs $90. This fee includes fingerprinting, sending cards to the FBI for processing and an emailed copy of your report. An FBI apostille is available for an extra fee.

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