PrintScan is a New York based fingerprinting company servicing business customers and individuals. Our experienced fingerprint technicians provide professional and efficient fingerprinting for any and all needs. We provide ink and Live Scan fingerprinting in our Manhattan, Long Island, and White Plains locations, as well as on-site services to your location. We serve companies, institutions, and individuals needing print cards or electronic fingerprinting.

Background Screening is now available!

PrintScan specializes in pre-employment screening and background checks. We are committed to delivering a secure and comprehensive background screening process. We offer efficient, customer-focused solutions, supported by outstanding customer service.

PrintScan is now offering complete fingerprint and pre-employment background screening services.

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FBI Background Check

FBI Background Check

PrintScan maintains a partnership with a FBI Channeler to help you obtain the results of a criminal background check within 24 hours*.

Fingerprinting Services

Fingerprinting Services

Our experienced ink and livescan fingerprint technicians provide professional fingerprinting for companies, industries, and individuals.

On-Site Fingerprinting Services

On-Site Fingerprinting

Our staff of experienced fingerprint technicians provide professional and courteous on site fingerprinting services that can be performed at your office, place of business, or home.

FINRA Background Checks

FINRA Financial Checks

PrintScan is an approved FINRA channeler to handle all of your financial and banking background checks.

Fingerprint Archiving

Fingerprint Archiving

Our Fingerprint archiving lets you store your fingerprint cards with us, and submit or print them whenever you need them again.


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PrintScan Fingerprinting Locations

PrintScan offers four convenient locations in New York as well as partner locations across the United States.
We also provide on-site fingerprinting services throughout the world.

Please contact us about availability in other areas via partner locations or on-site technicians!

Click on the map for the office hours for each location.

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