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Convenient Fingerprinting Locations Near you

PrintScan has a network of locations across the United States equipped with live scan machines to capture your fingerprints. Whether you need to get fingerprinted for an FBI background check, FINRA regulations, or state specific reasons, we got you covered.

PrintScan even offers custom mobile fingerprinting at your convenience. Have a technician visit your location and fingerprint you on the spot!

Fingerprint Cards

Fingerprint Cards

Get fingerprinted on a live scan machine and have the results printed on a card. We Stock FD-258 (Blue & White) and FINRA Fingerprint cards at all of our offices! Read more

FBI Fingerprinting

FBI Fingerprinting

Get fingerprinted for an FBI background check. Results are emailed within hours and hard copies are mailed to you. Checks are done for citizens or non-citizens upon request. Read more

FBI Apostille

FBI Apostille

Get your FBI report apostilled and use that extra clearance to visit whatever country you need. Apostille reports can be done for both citizens and non-citizens alike at any of our locations worlwide. Read more

FINRA Fingerprinting

FINRA Fingerprinting

Get fingerprinted at an office near you and have results sent directly to your firm within 72 hours. Read more

Florida Background Check

Florida Fingerprinting

Locations near you for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and have results processed within 72 hours. Read more

Fingerprint Archiving

Fingerprint Archiving

Have your fingerprints taken for any reason and have them saved on our server for future use. FINRA and FBI compliant. Read more

Mobile Fingerprinting

Mobile Fingerprinting

Have a fingerprint technician visit your location and fingerprint you at your convenience for any service. Available throughout the globe Read more

Live scan equipment

Live Scan Equipment

Buy a live scan machine with custom PrintScan built software. Gain the ability to offer fingerprinting services at your own business with multiple enrollment types. Read more

ATF Fingerprint Software

ATF Fingerprinting

Buy a live scan machine with software that transmits EFT files for ATF or visit a location for your EFT file today. Files and software is certified for ATF. Read more

FBI Authorized Recipient

Authorized Recipients

Receive a fingerprint based background check on behalf of an authorized recipient. An OCA number is required. Read more.

TSA Pre Check

TSA Pre Check

Travel with ease by completing your TSA Pre Check and expedite your process by getting fingerprinted.

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NYS / Identogo

Get fingerprinted for the state of New York at an Identogo enrollment center.


TWIC Cards

Receive a fingerprint based background check in order to get your TWIC card.


TSC Fingerprinting

Fingerprint background checks directly channeled to transportation security clearinghouse.

Who We Serve


PrintScan provides fingerprinting and background screening services to everyone around the world. Whether you are a regular civilian, large corporation, or government agency, we have a solution for you.


Government Agencies

National, local, or global. PrintScan offers services, and software.


General Public

Fingerprinting and background screening services at a location near you.


Private Sector

Fingerprinting services on site, partnerships, and custom hardware

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      About Us

      PrintScan is a fingerprinting and background screening company offering fingerprinting services worldwide. While serving the general public, PrintScan also specializes in the design and implementation of live scan equipment and software. Corporate solutions, software, and a network of over 700 locations are at our customers fingertips.

      PBSA Background
      FBI Appendix F Certified
      FBI Approved Channeler
      SOC 2 Compliant
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