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PrintScan's Enrollment Software is extremely flexible and easy to use.

What is Fingerprint Enrollment Software?

Software that enrolls an applicant's demographic and physical information electronically.
FBI Certified

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At PrintScan we put our clients and our products above all. We take many years of efficient and professional fingerprinting service experience to the next level by changing what is wrong with the fingerprinting industry and making it right. Too many times we have seen the fingerprinting industry fall short of expectations; experiencing a lack of customer and technical support, while using sub-par Live Scan systems, and we strive to make big changes. We have seen the problems and listened to the complaints. PrintScan will always be there for all of our clients, big or small, and we will never outgrow any of them.

Demographic Entry

The demographic entry screens are designed to be simple and easy for your operators to use. Custom controls were designed to prevent data entry errors, while giving the user constant feedback to the validity of the data. For a full list of each demographic data type that is collected, please visit Enrollment Types

Departmental Order
Slap Fingerprint Capture

Fingerprint Capture

The Live Scan fingerprinting we are currently shipping is the Integrated Biometrics Kojak fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint capture software was written to be modular in design and additional scanners can be quickly integrated into the software once we receive products and SDKs for them. The application works against a fingerprint interface which all of our hardware devices will be adapted to use. This allows us to switch out the fingerprint scanner without changing the configuration of the system.

Rolls and Flat Fingerprints

We support both type 4 (standard) and type 14 (enhanced) fingerprint images in our software. The typical fingerprint capture contains 10 rolled fingerprints and 4 flat impressions. CJIS now accepts enrollments with just the 4 flat impressions (type 14).

Slap Fingerprint Capture
Slap Fingerprint Capture


Amputations are handled with a custom designed UI vectorized hand image available on our scanning dialog. To mark a finger as amputated, the operator only has to click the finger to indicate that the finger is missing. A dialog asks why the fingerprint wasn't being captured, and the amputation is then recorded. Once marked, this finger is removed from the capture sequence and the EFTS files is properly edited.

Photograph Capture

We are currently supporting the standard Logitech camera for capturing standard photographs. Capturing photographs is useful for additional verification of the EFTS file, as well as printing passport photos or even child identification cards. The Canon camera SDK is currently under development to add the ability to capture high quality images for states that require them. We use the Canon EOS Rebel Powershot to allow us to directly connect the camera to the software, instead of requiring that photographs be copied, transferred and imported.

Slap Fingerprint Capture
Slap Fingerprint Capture

Passport Cropping/Printing

Many of our nursing applicants also need photographs printed for their application. We provide passport cropping by using a template to place over the photograph. We can then send the photograph to our photograph printer to provide 4 passport quality photos to the applicant.

Flatbed Card Scanning

We are using the Aware AccuScan product to capture FBI compliant fingerprint images from an inked fingerprint card. The images are scanned and the EFTS file is created with little operator input. A variety of card formats is supported including FD-258 and FINRA.

Scan Fingerprint Card
Officer and Applicant Signature

Signature Capture

The application allows for dual signature capture to collect both the officer and applicant’s name. The officer’s signature is saved onto the computer and is saved per user login to save time when enrolling. The applicant’s signature is also used to fill out any necessary paperwork when transmitting to CJIS. To help better educate our applicants, we have included several disclaimers to alert the applicant about the restrictions on Departmental Orders and billing processes.

Slap Segmentation

To send in type 14 flat impressions, each finger must be segmented and quality tested. We are currently using the segmentation code from Integrated Biometrics to locate each individual finger to include in the EFTS file. This information includes the x/y location as well as the width/height of all four fingers.

Slap Fingerprint Capture

Image Quality

The image quality of each fingerprint is determined by the standard NFIQ algorithm produced by NIST. This five level score allows us to reject poorly captured fingerprints and correct them before transmitting. We have two sources of this algorithm, one from Integrated Biometrics and the other from NBIS.

Card Printing

The application utilizes Aware’s AccuPrint software to optionally allow for fingerprinting cards to be printed. This gives us the necessary certification required for many of the state and federal requirements. Multiple cards formats are now supported including FD-258 and FINRA. We have plans on creating a tool to edit card formats to support state specific requests.

Departmental Order

Card Design

Our exclusive Card Design feature allows us to create beautiful and authentic fingerprinting cards for any state or federal agency. We can even create fingerprint cards for other countries, all available in FBI certified or PDF formats.


To make our applicant’s time at PrintScan as quick as possible, we offer online pre-enrollment. During enrollment, the operator can scan the barcode that the applicant received via email during the last step of the pre-enrollment process. Optionally, the applicant’s last name and social security number can be entered to access the data.

Import Applicant
Departmental Order


The EFTS data files can be exported onto a flash drive to give to our customers. This option is a lower cost version of our fingerprint archiving ability and allows for the applicant to have control of their personal data. It also is a useful marketing tool since we supply the applicant with a PrintScan embossed USB device.


We capture our fingerprints in a non-standard all-left/all-right hand order. This relatively unique sequence lets us finish with the left hand completely before moving to the right. Flat prints are first captured then used as comparison against the rolled fingers. If a fingerprint comparison is made from the slap vs. the rolled image on an incorrect finger, we alert the operator to make sure that the correct finger is being enrolled.


When capturing Type 14 flat images, we have algorithms from Integrated Biometrics that will detect whether the correct hand is being placed on the scanner. This helps reduce errors due to dyslexic issues with left vs. right.

Offline Access

Many on-site enrollment jobs are devoid of internet/Wi-Fi connection and the application must be able to accommodate this. A special Offline mode is available in the software to allow the mobile enroller to scan applicants when offline. Many of the online features such as ‘Search Server’ and ‘Transmit’ are unavailable while in Offline mode. When Wi-Fi access is resumed after the remote job is complete, then transmission of the EFTS files can occur.

FINRA locations are downloaded from the main website daily to make sure that the list of firms is available even while in offline mode.


When logging into the application, the system requests an access token from our PrintScan website. Users are validated against an online database of users who we are able to control roles and grant access to clients on a per-user level. Users can go onto the website and change/restore passwords automatically through our built in email system. This allows you to maintain or deny access to any user across all of your enrollment stations.