Looking For FD 258 Fingerprinting Near Me?

PrintScan offers FBI cards and sends them to the FBI for you, allowing for much faster results.

Get Your FBI Form Taken Care Of


PrintScan offers FD 258 cards at every one of our locations. If you are looking for a location to purchase an FBI card we can help.

You can also have your fingerprint captured at our office locations on an card. PrintScan captures your fingerprints on a live scan machine and prints out the card right in front of you to take home.

FBI Background check NYC

FD 258 Card for An FBI Background Check

  1. Visit a PrintScan office location
  2. Get fingerprinted on a live scan machine
  3. We print out the card
  4. We send the fingerprint file to the FBI
  5. We email you your FBI background check in 24- 48 hours!

Our FD 258 Printable Form


PrintScan offices all have the ability to capture your fingerprint on a live scan machine and print out the FD 258 form right in front of you. We hand you the form once the appointment is done and you are then free to send the card to any agency or department needed. Our printable forms are accredited and approved by the FBI and any and all agencies who are requesting them.

Find A Location

Find a Printscan location near you and set up an appointment to get fingerprinted.

Confirm Appointment

Confirm your appointment to receive your card at a PrintScan location.

Receive FD 258 Card

Receive your card on the spot after your fingerprint is captured.

Card Printout Instructions

Applicant Fingerprint Form FD-258 requires little to no instructions when you visit a PrintScan location.

  • Make an appointment
  • Get fingerprinted
  • Receive your card
FBI fingerprint Card

Cost Of Our FBI Fingerprinting Process?


PrintScan charges $45 to get fingerprinted at our location and receive a print out card for you to send to any agency or department.

No more visiting local police stations and scrambling to buy cards. Our technology bypasses the traditional method of ink rolling and uses electronic machinery which is approved by all agencies and departments.

Printout At Location


Printed FD 258 Card

  • Fingerprint capture
  • FD 258 printout
  • Archiving Options

FBI Fingerprinting Locations

      Frequently Asked Questions


      We know you have questions, we can answer them!

      Can I print out an FD 258 card?

      While there are options to download and print your own form there is a risk involved. Some agency's or departments will not accept cards that are not authorized. Getting your fingerprints captured on a live scan device and then printed out using that file at an approved location is generally the safest way to send in cards.

      Can I get a copy of my fingerprints?

      Yes. PrintScan offers the ability to print multiple cards from their live scan fingerprinting machine.

      How much does a fingerprint card cost?

      $45. PrintScan helps you make an appointment, get fingerprinted on a live scan machine and prints out your cardfor any purpose right there on the spot for you to use.

      What is an FD 258?

      Applicant Fingerprint Form (FD-258) This card is specific to the FBI but can be requested by many agencies and departments around the world.

      Q. What payment do you accept?

      We accept cash, or any major credit card. (Visa/Mastercard/Discovery/American Express)

      Need To Get Fingerprinted?


      Make an appointment with us and get started.

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