PrintScan UPS Store Fingerprinting

Get fingerprinted at a UPS store near you and use our interactive map to find a live scan UPS location near you.


Get Fingerprinted at a UPS Store

Get fingerprinted at a UPS store near you and let PrintScan do the rest.

Looking For UPS Store Live Scan Fingerprinting?


PrintScan offers live scan fingerprinting services in UPS stores nationwide. If you need live scan fingerprinting services at a UPS location, make an appointment via the PrintScan website at the location most convenient for you.

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UPS Fingerprinting Services

UPS now offers live scan fingerprinting services to its customers in UPS stores nationwide. Live Scan fingerprinting is the process of capturing fingerprints electronically for submission to specific agencies, archiving, or fingerprint card printing. If you require live scan services, book an appointment via the PrintScan website.

UPS Store Fingerprinting Cost


Live Scan fingerprint pricing varies depending on the agency where you fingerprints are being sent. Pricing starts at $30 for FINRA submissions and ranges to $90 for FDLE submissions and FBI submissions. Book an appointment to see how much your specific fingerprinting service is going to cost

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UPS Fingerprint Cards

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The PrintScan UPS Fingerprinting Process


PrintScan uses the UPS store network to provide fingerprinting services to customers nationwide. Our process is just as easy as coming into one of our corporate offices.

UPS Store Fingerprinting Locations

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      PrintScan is a fingerprinting and background screening company offering fingerprinting services worldwide. While serving the general public, PrintScan also specializes in the design and implementation of live scan equipment and software. Corporate solutions, software, and a network of over 700 locations are at our customers fingertips.

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